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Last updated February 4, 2003

orkmega1.jpg (41617 bytes)

This is an ork in mega armor that I'm working on for a friend. At the rate I paint, he'll be lucky to get it by the time he's 90.  Update!!!  He's done!!!

maugrhino.jpg (72592 bytes)

For my Dark Angels army. A friend of mine, one of my oldest and most enjoyable opponents, lost Maugan Ra to a collision with a rhino in 2nd Edition 40k. I'm working on this just for glamor.

techmarine1.jpg (58457 bytes)

This is my first attempt at a Dark Angels techmarine. He turned out fine, but I've been using darker reds, and feel they fit the Dark Angel chapter better than the older Blood Angel paint scheme that I used here. All the more reason to paint another one.....

dwterm.html (67726 bytes)

Dark Angels Deathwing Terminators. I've only done up the two. Of course, I intend to finish a squad, but, even with the recent point reduction, Deathwing are too pricey to field in a game and I'm reluctant to paint something that won't be used.

datermchap1.jpg (49851 bytes)

Dark Angels terminator Interrogator-Chaplain.  An older model.  Needs to have a few fixes/updates to its paint job.  It looks fine for now.  I should just work on the rest of the army for now.

dasrgfront.jpg (56391 bytes)

Dark Angels.  4th Co., 1st Tactical Squad.  This is an eight man squad of the Emperor's finest.  Be patient.  There are several pictures on this page since they are my latest squad for the Dark Angels.

daassaultserg1.jpg (53219 bytes)

Dark Angels.  4th Co.,  8th Assault Squad.  This is a seven man assault squad.  No jump packs.  The squad's primary function is rear defense.  So, I saved points by removing the jump packs.  Only this one figure appears here.

catserg1.JPG (50754 bytes)

Catachan lieutenant.  This is an older miniature.  I need to re-do the base, not to mention get a better picture.